Find us at Treacle Market in Macclesfield on the last Sunday of every month!


Our story...

All our products are lovingly handmade by us! Clare & Pippa.

We first met when our sons met at preschool - forming a strong friendship over dinosaurs (rawr!)


After trading at numerous markets next to each other with our other businesses, we soon realised that our creative ideas were on the same page and we would make a great team.

Rawr was formed based on our love of rustic earthy products and the desire to recycle and salvage things going to waste, turning them into something beautiful!

Where possible we source our products locally including our recycled shells and left over bags of cement. We have local tradesmen kindly saving any opened bags that would otherwise be in the skip and ending up in landfill!

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Rawr wholesale

We currently supply wholesale to a number of local shops and online sites. Drop us a message to discuss and see our shiny new wholesale brochure!

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